About Us

Interested in Helping Others Improve Their Health with Innovative and Evidence-Based Strategies?

The Wellness Forum Institute for Health Studies is the first school in the U.S. to offer certificates and diplomas based on the philosophy of evidence-based healthcare using diet and lifestyle as primary intervention tools.

Most educational programs for health care professionals allocate little time to teaching practitioners how to treat the cause of disease and instead just focus on symptom suppression. A growing dissatisfaction with traditional medical and nutrition practices has created a demand for different educational pathways that incorporate such training.

The Wellness Forum Institute is grounded in the use of only the most rigorous and independent scientific standards for evaluating health information, and translating this information to educational programs and treatment protocols.


Our programs are for everyone.

Trained health professionals take our courses in order to improve their skills or learn new skills.  Our courses also appeal to people who want to begin a career in the healthcare field.  Many laypeople enroll in our programs because they want to take more control over their own health.  Our commitment is that regardless of the reason for enrolling, all students will gain information and skills not taught through other programs. We occupy a unique segment of the educational marketplace.


Our format makes our programs easily accessible.

Most classes are offered via “virtual classroom,” meaning live and interactive teleconference calls. Students anywhere in the world can participate as long as they have access to a computer, an email address, and are able make long distance calls. Slides and course materials, with references, are provided so that students have a written record of the information discussed during class, and also so that they can focus on listening and participating rather than trying to take detailed notes during class time.

Some courses include video lectures which are accessible on passcode protected websites. A few courses include classes which are accessed via video streaming. For a couple of programs that involve manual therapy, travel to our campus in Central Ohio or other locations is required. Details can be found in the course catalogs.


Our faculty is comprised of the best experts in all subjects.

A major benefit of our virtual classroom format is that we are able to recruit the best teachers in the world for all subjects.


Our courses are different.

Most of the instruction is live, and students have the opportunity to ask questions and to interact with one another. Our programs are just like “school” but you don’t have to leave your home or office to participate. Structured learning that includes assignments, class participation and discussion, presentations and other features of traditional education leads to better understanding of the material and increases the likelihood that students will complete their coursework.

Perhaps most important is that our classes are focused on practical application – not just information but what to do with the information you learn. Many courses provide information, but it is often not actionable. It is great to know things but knowing what to do about things is even more important. Through our programs you will develop skills that are not taught in other courses and that will differentiate you and make you valuable in the marketplace.

The best first step is to schedule a phone call to discuss your goals and objectives and to determine if our programs are right for you.

Just email pampopper@msn.com or call 614 841-7700 to set a time to talk.