The Nutrition Educator Program (NEP)

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Program Description:

This program is for individuals seeking a career in a nutrition-related field and looking for an alternative to traditional dietetics. NEP requires that students complete basic science courses that are more rigorous than those required for many undergraduate nutrition degrees; includes courses that combine nutritional science with strategies for assisting clients in achieving and maintaining optimal health; and teaches effective protocols for the treatment of common degenerative conditions. Students gain practical skills needed for gainful employment and complete 200 hours of practical experience during which they must demonstrate the ability to work effectively in the nutrition education field.


Program Objectives:

  • Provide candidates with a rigorous science-based education in nutrition
  • Teach students how to use dietary interventions for the prevention, treatment or reversal of common diseases
  • Assist students in developing skills for delivering nutrition education to individuals and groups
  • Teach students how to address the “whole person” through a comprehensive healthcare strategy that includes nutrition when assisting individuals with health issues
  • Teach students how to critically evaluate research and to write scientific articles on nutrition-related topics
  • Teach practical skills that lead to success in the nutrition field
  • Inform students about public policy issues that affect nutrition and public health
  • Ensure that students know how to work within their scope of practice, based on their state of residence


Who Should Take This Course

  • Individuals interested in learning more about science and nutrition
  • Individuals who want formal training that is different from dietetics, but science-based and philosophically in alignment with whole foods, plant-based nutrition
  • Individuals who want to understand the science of nutrition in order to make clinical decisions and responsible recommendations to patients and clients
  • Dietitians, medical doctors, nurses and other health professionals who want to acquire different skills and knowledge. Already-trained health professionals can take only those courses that interest them; or if they want to complete the program we will give credit for basic science courses already taken whenever possible.


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