Yoga for Physical Development and Training

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Yoga has been shown to have many benefits, which include lowering stress; improving strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination; and relieving symptoms ranging from headaches to joint pain. There are many programs for becoming certified as a yoga teacher, which represent varying philosophies and which result in varying degrees of competence.

This yoga teacher training is quite different and is designed to make the yoga teacher part of a team, and yoga practice part of an overall strategy for restoring and maintaining optimal health, and/or improving athletic performance. While including some segments common in traditional yoga training, this course is expanded to include cover nutrition, psychology, physical assessment, how to use yoga to build physical health and to correct physical dysfunction, and superior teaching and communication skills. The graduate of this program will not just know yoga history, yoga poses, how to sequence classes and deliver dialog; but will also know how to help yoga students achieve specific objectives and outcomes related to health.


Program Objectives:

  • Teach skills that allow yoga instructors to include yoga as part of a comprehensive healthcare strategy that addresses the whole person – nutrition, psychology, behavior change, and exercise for health improvement.
  • Prepare students to deliver outcomes-based yoga instruction that includes specific corrections and results in improved musculoskeletal health
  • Prepare students to deliver outcomes-based yoga instruction that leads to improved performance for athletes.
  • Assist the student in creating value for himself/herself in the marketplace, through the mastery of specific skills not normally considered part of yoga instruction.


Who should take this course:

  • Already-certified yoga teachers who want to improve their skills and expand the services they offer
  • People who are committed to personal yoga practice and want more depth of knowledge about yoga and physical training and development
  • Individuals desiring to teach yoga as part of a comprehensive strategy for health improvement
  • Personal trainers and related professionals who want to incorporate yoga as part of their training programs for laypersons and athletes
  • Any health professional who wants to learn more about the role of yoga as a component of health improvement, and who want to include yoga as part of a treatment plan.


Note to students: This training course is not approved by Yoga Alliance. It prepares students to offer a different “brand” of yoga that appeals to a different type of student.



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