Why and How to Withdraw From Psychiatric Drugs

Why and How to Withdraw From Psychiatric Drugs Research does not support the idea that “chemical imbalances in the brain” are the cause of mental illness. Yet today, 25% of Americans, including millions of children, are taking psychiatric drugs for conditions ranging from ADHD to schizophrenia. Research shows that psychiatric drugs are not effective (barely better than placebo). Instead, the drugs have significant side effects that are often disabling and sometimes life-threatening. Furthermore, the drugs do not address the underlying causes of the individual’s suffering and impairment such as childhood or adult losses and trauma, emotional conflicts in the family, poor self-discipline, difficulties focusing and persisting, real life crises, and self-defeating attitudes.

This unique program was developed by Wellness Forum Institute and psychiatrist Peter Breggin, M.D., a leading promoter of empathic therapy and a pioneering researcher in the toxic effects of psychiatric drugs and how to withdraw from them. Participants will learn guidelines for prescribers, therapists, patients and their families involved in psychiatric drug withdrawal, with emphasis on a collaborative effort that is empowering to the patient and family.

The course fills an important need. Although there are many books and classes that address aspects of drug withdrawal, there are no formal and comprehensive training programs that teach practitioners, patients and families “the whole story” – the actual causes of psychological issues, the consequences of drugging, and effective methods for helping people to extract themselves from “the psychiatric mill.”

This is the first comprehensive training program that addresses all aspects of this issue.